In the past, townhomes have found themselves situated in a void where some people love them, and some people can’t stand them, but all of that has begun to shift in the last couple of years. As a provider of West Chester townhomes, we understand the appeal that townhomes have to some people, and we see the issues that other peoples see with townhomes as well. We get it, they aren’t for everyone, because if it has been your dream to have a huge yard, you probably won’t be happy in a townhome — unless you live at the Lakes At West Chester Village, that is.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few of the issues that people have seen with living in a townhome in the past, and how our townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio have resolved said issues.

Our Townhomes’ Response To Yard Space

As we briefly mentioned in the introduction to today’s post, some people have a strange vendetta against townhomes simply because they have little to no functional yard space. At the Lakes At West Chester Village, we see that as a huge benefit — and let us tell you why! First things first, having a small yard mean that there is hardly any maintenance, or no maintenance if you live in one of our townhomes in West Chester, Ohio.  You might be thinking “This still hasn’t solved my functional outdoor space issue,” and you’re right, but trust us when we say we have a solution.

Living in our rentals in West Chester, OH we provide our tenants with more than an adequate amount of functional outdoor space to make up for their small yards. How does a playground for your kids sound? A community grilling station?  A wood burning fire pit? A bark park for your four-legged friends? A rentable clubhouse? A five-mile walking trail? At the Lakes At West Chester, we have it all! Stop by our community today to schedule a tour of our awesome little neighborhood.

Our Townhomes’ Response To Living Space

Typically when people think of townhomes they think of a space that is smaller than the average house, but larger than the average apartment — and more often than not, that is the correct assumption. While some people tend to think that it is normal to live in an apartment when you are younger and then graduate to a home as you age, skipping the “townhome phase” is something that we simply disagree with here at the Lakes At West Chester Village. Townhomes in West Chester should be viewed as appropriate housing for anyone, at any stage of their life, because whether you are newly graduated from college, or married with a child, townhomes have plenty of functional space for you.

If you believe that townhomes are not fit to accommodate your lifestyle, we have a solution for you at the Lakes At West Chester Village. Our townhome community features a number of facilities that can accommodate your various lifestyle needs. Our West Chester rentals feature plenty of outdoor space for you to unwind, a 24-hour business center for you to work in, a 24-hour fitness center for you to workout in, and a 24-hour tanning salon for you to relax in! For a full list of amenities, click here.

Come to Join Our Townhome Community In West Chester

If you do not already live here in West Chester, you are missing out. Our quaint little township on the edge of the Cincinnati urban sprawl is the perfect combination of city and small town feel. Jam-packed with arts, entertainment, food, and activity, West Chester is the perfect place to raise your family.

If you are interested in becoming a resident, whether that be in one of our apartments or townhomes in West Chester, we urge you to stop by our front office and ask for a tour. If you live far enough away that you cannot take the luxury of visiting us in person, we insist that you take a look at the various resources that we have on our website.

Are you already convinced that you want to live in one of our townhomes for rent in West Chester, Ohio? Apply today! If you have any questions about our community, be sure to contact us.