As we discussed in part one of this two-part series, there are a number of benefits associated with townhome living. There is less maintenance, a close community, you can have a garage, it is cost friendly, and they are usually located in close proximity with the amenities that you might need — but what else is there?

Continue reading as we discuss more benefits of living in a West Chester townhome in part two of our blog series!

6. Multi-Level Living

Often times, homes are grouped into two very ambiguous categories — the first being, detached single-family homes the second being apartments and townhomes. As a provider of townhomes in West Chester, we have observed how this unfair grouping has made a negative impact on townhome life.

One of the reasons that townhomes and apartments are grouped together is that they are often in communities with shared walls. That being said, townhome life is extremely different than apartment life because of the multi-level floor plans that they feature. Why is this important? Apartments can feel isolated because they are inclusive spaces — meaning there isn’t much space to get alone time from others. Townhomes, on the other hand, allow for some privacy because of their multi-level nature.

7. They Come With Communal Amenities

What is something that apartments and townhomes have that your average detached home does not? A ton of communal amenities. Living in a townhome community like ours provides you with various amenities ranging from a gym to a business center to a pool and even a dog park.

To have all of those amenities in a detached single-family home would be extremely expensive, but if you live in one of our townhomes in West Chester it is included in your rent! Check out some of the amenities that we offer to our residents.

8. No Homeowners Association

When discussing townhomes in comparison with detached single-family homes it is extremely important to bring up the presence of a homeowners association (or lack thereof if you rent one of our townhomes in West Chester).

Detached single-family homes almost always have a homeowners association — and if they don’t, there are likely strict city compliances that the homeowner must take into account. When you live in a townhome community like The Lakes at West Chester Village, there may be some rules, but they are not nearly as strict as a homeowners association or a city code.

9. It Is a Good Transitional Living Space

We won’t lie, we understand that people traditionally transition from apartment to townhomes and then from townhomes to detached single-family homes. Why is this the case? When you are young, it is usually just you and a couple friends living together — and it is likely that none of you have that much stuff either. Because of this, a smaller apartment is feasible. As you grow older, you accumulate more things and begin to consider starting a family. At this point in your life, you will need more space than your apartment can provide, but a single-family home might still be too expensive, or way more space than you need.

Because of this, townhomes are the perfect transition. They provide you with ample amounts of space while still allowing you to have access to all of the amenities that you grew accustomed to when you lived in an apartment. In fact, we have seen people move from our apartments to our townhomes in West Chester.

10. They Are High Quality

Now, our last benefit of living in a townhome is something that we can only apply to our townhomes — after all, it would be rather reckless of us to assume that other townhomes in the area are nice like ours. At The Lakes At West Chester Village we take great pride in the quality of our West Chester townhomes. But don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself!

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