If you have ever moved before, you likely know that seldom is packing up the house and taking off for a new city something that people do for fun. For the most part, people move because they have to. 

As an apartment complex in West Chester, Ohio, we see residents coming and going for many reasons — whether it be to move on and start a family elsewhere, pursue a job opportunity in the city, or because they simply want a change of pace. So why do most people move? Is there a trend? Learn all this and more by reading today’s blog!

Why Do People Move?

Since the beginning of time, humans have been moving — whether it be nomadic tribes or the urban sprawl of modern development. The simple fact of the matter is that sometimes opportunities lie in a different place than you currently live, and you have to make the change, move there, and then try to fulfill the opportunity. 

If you have moved at any point in your life, you are part of a statistic — a part of a large number of people moving around within the borders of the United States. In fact, between 2012 and 2013 alone, around 36 million Americans moved for one reason or another — so rest assured that you are not alone. 

Some common reasons that Americans move are:

  • They Need More Space – If you are a family of four with another child on the way, it would make sense that it is time to move on from your 1,500 square foot home. 
  • Upgrading – As people become more successful in life, they can afford nicer things. Living spaces included. 
  • New Job – When people find career opportunities in other areas that are worth taking, it makes sense to relocate. 
  • Empty Nest – After years of taking care of children, many people find that they would like to move when the house becomes empty. 
  • Relationships – Ah, the things that people do for love. If your significant other lives far away, sometimes it makes sense to close the gap. 
  • Family – Living far from your family can be hard, and when the opportunity presents itself, many people move closer to them.
  • School Districts – When you want your child to be able to attend a certain school, it might be worth moving across town to boost their chances of admission. 
  • Change Of Scenery – Living in the same place for a long time can sometimes make life feel stagnant. Moving can change that.
  • Home Cost – Some areas cost more to live in than others — that’s just how it is. Moving can get you much more “bang for your buck.”
  • Changes In Your Area – Sometimes development in your neighborhood can simply be unbearable. If so, it might be time to move on.

The Top 5 Reasons That Americans Move

Reason 1: A New Or Better Home Or Apartment

One of the most predictable reasons that people move is to upgrade their home or apartment. As people become older, more financially independent, and more mature, it is natural for them to look for a nicer place to live. For some, it is because they have future plans for starting a family. For others, however, it is simply because they have the financial ability to move to a nicer, more comfortable home. 

Reason 2: A Family-Related Reason (Other Than Marriage Or Starting A Household)

As we stated earlier in today’s post, another common reason for people to move is because of family — in fact, enough people move because of family that it has made it onto the “top five reasons that people move” list. For some, it is so they can be closer to family because their grandparents or parents are aging, because their family has welcomed a new child, or because they simply miss seeing their family as often as they were once able to. 

Reason 3: A Housing Issue (Other Than Wanting To Save Money Or find A Better Neighborhood)

There are plenty of circumstances that can lead to people choosing to move. For some, it can be that their landlord is making unfair demands. For others that don’t rent, their HOA might be doing the same. Really, there are many ways that someone might take issue with their current situation and need to move. And that’s why housing issues are one of the top five reasons that people choose to move. 

Reason 4: To Establish A New Household

There comes a time in most peoples’ lives where they decide that it is time to settle down. This can happen for many reasons, but most of the time it happens when people enter their thirties, decide that starting a family is something that they want to do in the near future, and when people have traveled and moved frequently in their life and are ready to settle down in a new community. Whatever the reasoning that someone may have for deciding to settle down, it is oftentimes the last time that they will be a part of the moving statistics that we are discussing today. 

Reason 5: A Job-Related Reason

It is to no surprise that job-related reasons are among the most common reasons that people decide to move. Many people transfer within their company when they get promotions — moving to whatever the city is in. For others, the main reason behind moving is getting a job offer in another city or state that they simply can’t pass up. Either way, there are plenty of Americans that move because of a job-related situation. 

If You Are Moving, Consider Moving To Our West Chester Apartments

Sure, there are many places that you end up moving where you can’t dictate where you move to. For example, if you’re moving for a job, you don’t get much input. But if you are moving to settle down, if your job offer is in the Cincinnati area, if you are looking for nice schools, and if you are looking for affordable apartments and homes, you might want to consider moving to West Chester, Ohio. 

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