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West Chester Township, located 23 miles north of Cincinnati, is a growing community as people seek out new jobs just outside of Ohio’s third-largest city. Not only are people drawn to West Chester and Butler County to join the quickly-growing workforce, but people are also searching for a community with a small-town feel that still makes big city amenities available. 

At the Lakes at West Chester Village, we understand the allure of moving to the suburbs as we too have chosen West Chester as a place to plant our roots. So whether you are moving to the area for work, a sense of community, to continue your education, or for any other reason, we invite you to visit our West Chester apartments and become a part of our community. 

That said, when you are considering moving to the area, you will likely have a set list of requirements for your next living situation. In an effort to make your move to the area easier, our West Chester apartment community has created a list of what you should look for in a new apartment, as well as why we believe you’d love it here at The Lakes at West Chester Village. 

Looking at Apartments in West Chester

Some people love the idea of apartment hunting. They get to visit different living spaces and picture themselves settling down and making each space their own. Others, however, see apartment hunting as a terrible burden — often times fearing that they will realize that they’ve made a mistake after they have signed a lease. 

At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we understand why apartment hunting can be so daunting. Because of this, we have listed 10 things that you should always look for when touring West Chester apartments like ours. Continue reading to learn more. 


While some people might begin their search for a new apartment in West Chester by visiting the hottest new neighborhoods, it is important to instead prioritize the location of your new home. When you are valuing the location of different West Chester apartments, be sure to think of the apartment community’s proximity to work, stores, restaurants, highways, public transportation, and your family and friends. While one apartment might be located in the hottest new neighborhood, it might not be very close to the amenities that you need to live comfortably. After all, is the new neighborhood hot enough for you to suffer in traffic on your way to work each morning?

At The Lakes at West Chester Village, our apartments are conveniently located in the heart of West Chester Township, between Interstate 75, Butler County Veterans Highway, and the Dixie Highway. This means that anywhere in the greater Cincinnati area is just a short drive away. Check out our central location today


When most people think about living in an apartment, they think of poor parking. For some, their past experience has been aimlessly circling the parking garage waiting for someone to make a spot available by leaving. For others, past parking experiences have included parking multiple blocks away knowing that the parking in their apartment community is always full. 

At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we are here to tell you that you should never compromise on parking when you look for a new apartment in West Chester. So before you sign a lease, visit the apartment communities that you like to check out the parking situation after business hours. If the parking lot has spots open after most residents have gotten home from work, it is a surefire sign that you can expect optimal parking throughout your future lease. 

Outdoor Space

Next time you are touring West Chester apartments, be sure to walk around the apartment community after you have gotten an indoor tour. All too often, people only think about the indoor space and forget to consider what community amenities and outdoor space that they might have access to. 

In Butler County, we are lucky enough to have some pretty incredible summer weather — so it would be a shame if you had to venture farther than the property line of your apartment community to enjoy it. At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we have more than enough outdoor space for you to enjoy. Featuring a heated saltwater pool, playgrounds, grilling stations, fire pits, a dog park, and even five miles of walking trails, our apartment community is built for indoor and outdoor fun. Stop by today to see for yourself. 


When you are touring apartments in West Chester, it is easy to picture yourself living in each apartment that you visit. So why not take it one step further and try to imagine how safe you would feel if you were to live there?

When touring an apartment community ask yourself a couple of security questions. Are the parking lots well lit at night? Do you have to have a key to get into the building? What kind of locks are on the doors? What condition are the window locks in? All of these questions can help you determine how safe the community is. 

Landlord & Maintenance Availability

Let’s be honest, most people would rather have a landlord that they hardly ever see than one that they see often. After all, when most people think of the landlord coming around, they think that they’re coming to check for damages or slide a noise complaint under the door. In reality, you want to find an apartment community with a healthy balance — a place where your interactions with management are minimal, but they are also a short call away should you need assistance.

At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we make our management and maintenance teams available to you 24 hours a day with our 24-hour emergency maintenance services. After all, if you are woken up in the middle of the night because of a plumbing issue, it is in both of our best interests to have it fixed quickly. 


If you have ever lived in an apartment complex, you’ve likely had an experience involving excess noise from one of your neighbors — whether it be your neighbors next to you throwing a party or the unit above you jumping around late at night. At the end of the day, some apartment complexes are louder than others because of the way that they were built. 

When you are touring West Chester apartments, be sure to pay attention to how thin the walls are and how thin your door is. If the walls and door are thin and uninsulated, you might want to reconsider moving in — unless you like sleeping with earplugs, that is. 

Pet Policy

Are you a pet owner? If so, we probably don’t have to remind you that not all apartment communities are pet-friendly. In fact, even having a pet in some apartments for a short period of time can result in hefty fines. 

Most West Chester apartments do not allow pets — or at least if they do, they hike up the price of rent significantly in order to cover any future damages that your pet may or may not cause. At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we understand why other West Chester apartment communities might not allow pets, but it is our firm belief that if a pet has a place to be taken out to and to play in, the risk of damages is significantly reduced. Because of this, we have installed over five miles of walking paths and a Bark Park for your pets to play. Stop by today to check it out. 


When most people are touring apartments in West Chester, they usually walk through each room and picture their belongings filling them. They visually inspect the living room by imagining their couch and coffee table, and they try to visualize if their bed will fit well in the bedroom. What people usually forget about when imagining their belongings in their potential new home are the piles of things that they currently have in storage. 

In most cases, storage in an apartment is hard to come by — aside from the built-in kitchen cabinetry and the closet or two. Luckily, when you live at The Lakes at West Chester Village, you will have the option to rent out a garage space where you can store your car and your Halloween decorations that you would rather not have in your living room. Check out our floorplans today to get a better idea of the storage space in our West Chester apartments.

Heating & Air Conditioning

In Southwestern Ohio, the temperature gets just hot enough in the summer and just cold enough in the winter that you will want a decent heating and cooling system in your next apartment. When you’re visiting apartments in West Chester, it is more than likely that you will see different variations of heating and cooling systems from apartment to apartment. Some apartments might have room to room heating and cooling. Some might have central air. Heck, some might not even have air conditioning at all.

At The Lakes at West Chester Village, all of our apartments and townhomes come with central air conditioning and electric heating systems — because what is a home if you aren’t comfortable in it? Simply ask a member of our team to point out the temperature controls during your apartment tour to learn more.


Last, but certainly not least, when you are checking out apartments for rent in the West Chester area, be sure to check out the appliances with a critical eye. When it comes to living in a new apartment, you essentially furnish the entire place aside from the appliances. While you know the quality of your own items, you can’t simply assume that the appliances in any apartment will be up to par — you have to look at them for yourself. 

At our West Chester apartments, we furnish each kitchen with high-quality, dependable appliances that you can trust while you live here. We also provide each tenant with hookups for cable and high-speed internet, as well as hookups for a washing machine and dryer — allowing you to live more comfortably. Schedule a tour today to check out our updated West Chester apartments for yourself

Come Visit Our West Chester Apartments Today!

If you are moving to the West Chester area we urge you to come visit us at The Lakes at West Chester Village to see what our apartment community is all about. Our apartments are comfortable, spacious, and well-designed — coming with individual and community amenities to match.

If you are interested in touring our West Chester apartments, we urge you to contact our management team to schedule a tour. We look forward to hearing from you!