When people think of apartments, they think of the worst apartment that they ever lived in. They think of the loud upstairs neighbors that they had. They think of the crusty carpet that their landlord refused to replace. They think of the parking spaces that it didn’t have. After all, it is usually the things that you hate that you remember.

But that shouldn’t keep you from ever living in an apartment again — especially if you can find one of the good apartments in West Chester like ours! In today’s blog post, we will be discussing a few of our favorite things about apartment life — an experience that you can have if you join our community.


If there is one thing that you can get from an apartment in West Chester that you can’t get from a house is flexibility. Flexibility to move around. Flexibility to travel. Flexibility to not get stuck in one city for the rest of your life. While owning a home doesn’t necessarily keep you from ever being able to move again, it certainly does make it harder.

We know, you are probably thinking “But who would ever want to leave West Chester?” While that is certainly a good question, we aren’t saying leave forever, we are just saying that you should consider living in Europe for a year — heck, downtown Cincinnati would even suffice. Regardless of where you go, you can always come back to our apartments in West Chester, Ohio.

New Friends

We know, as we said earlier, you probably associate your apartment neighbors with loud noises, but that doesn’t have to be the case! When you move into our apartments in West Chester, consider reaching out and becoming familiar with your neighbors. Not only will it make it easier for you to shoot them a text and tell them to quiet down in the late hours of the night, but it can also lead to friendships!

So when you are looking at apartments for rent in West Chester, think of it as a good way to meet new people and begin new friendships.


You might be thinking “I can have all of the amenities of an apartment complex at my home, so why would I live in an apartment?” You are right, we cannot argue with that — but we can tell you that it would be a lot more expensive to install a pool in your backyard than to reap the benefits of our apartment pool. Plus, if you live in our West Chester apartments you don’t even have to take care of the pool.

Now, there are a lot more amenities than just pools that you can benefit from by living in our apartments — that was just the most obvious amenity for us to exploit for the sake of making a point. You can also benefit from amenities like our playground, fire pit, walking trails, business center, gym, tanning salon, dog park, rentable clubhouse, and more! So what are you waiting for? Come to visit us to see all of the awesome things that you are missing out on.


One of the most underrated things about apartments is how functional their location can be. Because apartments are zoned differently than single-family homes, they can be placed closer to shopping centers, entertainment, transportation, and business centers. Can you imagine being able to walk to work or ride your bike to dinner? Living in our apartments for rent in West Chester makes all this, and more, possible.

Easy Payments

When people think about living in a home instead of an apartment, they usually imagine that it will make the end of the month budgeting easier. This is simply not true. In fact, living in an apartment is the easier option when it comes times to pay bills.

When you live in an apartment you pay for two things — rent and utilities. When you live in a home, your bills break down into categories like water, stormwater, gas, electricity, homeowners insurance, and the mortgage (and more). So what are you waiting for? Make paying bills easy again and come to join our community of apartments for rent in West Chester.

Come to Join Our Community

If today’s blog post has interested you in the idea of living in an apartment in West Chester, Ohio and reaping all of the benefits of apartment life, we urge you to come to check out our community. At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we offer a number of amenities that are simply unmatched by single-family home-life, and other apartments for rent in West Chester, for that matter.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by our office today contact us online to schedule a walkthrough! We look forward to seeing you!