In our previous blog The Lakes at West Chester Village, your source of luxury apartments in West Chester, OH, discussed the general appeals and stereotypes that are associated with living in the city versus living in the suburbs. Additionally, we spoke in depth about the benefits and the culture that the city can provide to someone living within city limits. If you would like to revisit part one of this blog post, click here.

As we stated in our previous blog, we are a stakeholder in the argument of if living in the suburbs is better than living in the city and vice versa. At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we are unapologetically in favor of the lifestyle that suburbs can provide, and in part two of this blog post, we will tell you why.

Why Suburbs?

Well, in order to get it out of the way as soon as possible, we must say that the obvious reason that we are in favor of the suburbs is our location. Sitting on the edge of the greater-Cincinnati bubble, our luxury apartments in West Chester, OH, are the perfect place to live with our communities perfect balance between relaxed and active.  Below, our community of apartments in West Chester, Ohio has compiled a favorable list in favor of living in the suburbs. Enjoy!

Get More Bang For Your Buck

When most people think about the cost of living in the suburb as compared to living in the city, they think in terms of property ownership. It is widely known that in real estate that you can get more square footage for your money in the suburb as compared to the city, but people rarely think of this concept in the terms of renting. Much like when looking for a property to purchase, West Chester rentals also allow you to get more square footage for your buck. So would you rather live in a tiny studio apartment in downtown Cincinnati? Or in a large apartment in West Chester for the same, if not less, money.

Less Is More

Sure, the obvious thing that West Chester has less of than in Cincinnati is people, but sometimes less can be a good thing. With a smaller population comes, wait for it — less pollution. With the deficit in cars on the road, you might notice better air even though you are still within a reasonable distance of downtown. Additionally, if you reduce the number of people in a given area, you will also notice a tremendous amount of noise reduction. While we are only 23 miles from downtown Cincinnati, you might find our luxury apartments in West Chester, OH quiet enough to be a day spa.

Better Schools

While this is not always the case with suburbs, West Chester happens to have some of the best schools in the Cincinnati area. Are you interested in providing your child, or future child, with a quality public education? Consider moving to West Chester, where the local high school has a 40 percent rate in advanced placement educational programs. At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we offer apartments that are for rent in West Chester, Ohio that can allow you to become established in our quaint suburban community.

A Chance To Participate In Government

Living in a smaller community means that your voice is more easily heard. Taking a more active role in government is much easier when you are a part of a smaller community like ours because your voices and opinions can be heard by those that actively make the decisions. If you are a part of our community of luxury apartments in West Chester, OH, you have the opportunity to have your voice be heard. Exercise your rights with us!

Have We Made The Suburbs Appealing Enough?

Like we said in part one of this blog series, there are three types of people in this world — people that love living within city limits of a large metropolitan area, people that enjoy living in the suburbs, and people that really have no idea what living arrangement would better suit them. If you were in favor of living in the city, we probably wouldn’t change your mind, but for those that remained undecided, we look forward to having you come to visit our community of luxury apartments in West Chester, OH.

At The Lakes at West Chester, we understand that people are predisposed to like the city or the suburbs. All we are saying is that if the suburbs sound appealing to you, we would love to have you come to visit. If you have any further questions on our apartments in West Chester, or even about our quaint township itself, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask. If living on the outskirts of the hecticness known as Cincinnati, schedule a tour of our West Chester apartments, or apply online today!