There are three types of people in this world — people that love living within city limits of a large metropolitan area, people that enjoy living in the suburbs, and people that really have no idea what living arrangement would better suit them. Here at The Lakes at West Chester we are obviously partial to the latter, being that of living in the suburbs, but in an effort to better demonstrate the benefits of both sides we will do our best to be impartial. Join The lakes at West Chester Village, your source for luxury apartments in West Chester, OH as we discuss the various benefits of living inside, or outside of the Cincinnati city limits.

Living In The City Or The Suburbs: The Argument

Even as a key stakeholder in the debate regarding the appeals of living in the city or the suburb, we must acknowledge that our luxury apartments in West Chester, OH might not appeal to everyone. Naturally, some people are predisposed to city life, as they find the fast-paced culture alluring. That being said, there will always be people on the other side of the spectrum as well — people that find quiet evenings at a small local brewery more appealing than a late night at a downtown pub.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty part of the argument, as it is really more of a preference than an argument — we here at The Lakes At West Chester Village would like to acknowledge some of the stereotypes associated with living in the city and living in the suburb.

Historically, people were known to spend their youth disseminated around the country in communities ranging from metropolitan to extremely rural communities, with most younger people  seeking the appealing city-lifestyle. Then, after living their 20s and 30s in the metropolitan area, they suddenly want a simpler life in a quiet, quaint, community. Then, they would move to the suburb, start a family, and live quietly.

While the cliche ideologies of the city and suburbs once had been indeed quite strong, they are no longer relevant, as now — regardless of age, some people are predisposed to like the city, and others, the suburbs.

City Living: What Are The Appeals?

There are many reasons that someone might resort to city living instead of typing “apartments in West Chester” or “apartments for rent in the Cincinnati suburbs”.  Some people have jobs in the city and aren’t quite ready to start commuting, while others simply love the city life and would never want to leave it. Living in the city can be extremely fun, as there is always something going on. While cities like Cincinnati can provide the hustle and bustle that cities are usually associated with, it can also prove to be less fast-paced, as there are localized cultures within the city limits that can be incredibly valuable to immerse yourself in.

Are you an intellectual that likes to spend your time learning the vast wealth of your city’s knowledge? Then check out the Cincinnati Art MuseumCincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum, the National Underground Railroad Freedom CenterContemporary Arts Center, and more.

Are you more interested in the restaurant and entertainment culture? Catch a concert at U.S. Bank Arena or Riverbend Music Center or reserve yourself a table at J. Alexander’s – Redlands Grill, or BRAVO Cucina Italiana.

Our point is that even as a provider of luxury apartments in West Chester, we can see the appeal that people might see in living within Cincinnati’s city limits.

Stay Tuned For Part Two: The Allure Of The Suburb

In part two of this blog post, we will discuss the allure of the suburb, and why people might find it more attractive than the city.

For those of you that already have seen the promises of living in a suburb of Cincinnati like West Chester, Ohio we urge you to come to visit us at The Lakes at West Chester Village. Our luxury apartments in West Chester, OH are located in a quaint township outside of Cincinnati, but still has all of the resources of a large city. Check out one of our last blog posts where we discussed some fun activities in West Chester.

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