Finding a new apartment is an exciting thing, whether it is because you are finally leaving your parents’ house or if it is your first new place with your significant other. Because it is your first apartment, you might not be quite well versed in the area of finding a high-quality apartment — a West Chester apartment that is a diamond in the rough, if you will. Luckily, as a local apartment complex that has West Chester apartments for rent, we do know a thing or two about the apartment search, because before we owned an apartment complex, we too once had to search for an apartment of our own.

In today’s blog post we are going to discuss a few things that we think you should know before you begin your West Chester apartment search.

Set A Budget

Before you set foot out of the door of your current housing, you need to know what your maximum budget is, as well as your ideal budget. Apartment hunting is hard, and each tour will take quite some time, and by inquiring about the apartment’s price before you tour you can end up cutting your list down in half.

Don’t know how to choose the maximum amount of rent that you are able to pay? Generally speaking (and take this with a grain of salt, as all housing markets are different) an individual should never pay more than 25-30 percent of their monthly salary on rent. So if you make $4,000 a month, your share of rent should ideally never exceed $1,000-1,200. Additionally, there is no harm in being frugal. If you find a nice apartment for rent in West Chester that is under your budget, satisfies all your needs and checks off all of your boxes, there is no harm in saving your money for a rainy day.

Don’t Limit Your Search To A Small Area

One of the worst things that you can do is set too narrow of a scope — in regard to location or cost.

While yes, you might have a fine line of what you can or cannot afford, it is important to look at apartments both above your budget and below your budget so that you can better understand how the quality and amenities of an apartment factor into its rental price.

Additionally, do not set too strict of a limitation on where the apartment is located. Do you want to be within 20 minutes of work? While that might be ideal, an apartment that is simply 10 minutes farther from your job may be cheaper, nicer, and have better amenities. It doesn’t hurt to look, so just keep an open mind and be flexible.

Come Prepared To Sign a Lease

As a provider of apartments for rent in West Chester, Ohio, we understand that you don’t want to sign a lease the day of your tour, and that is not our intent either, but leasing can be extremely competitive. Why is the apartment search in West Chester so competitive? Well, to put it simply, it’s supply and demand. Most apartment leases all start, and end, at around the same time, meaning a large population of people are all out and about looking for their next dream home.

By bringing things like an ID card, knowing your credit score, and being prepared to pay for a credit check and background check are all ways that could help expedite the process if it were to come down to a race for the last available apartment in a complex.

Start Your Apartment Search At The Lakes At West Chester Village

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We look forward to showing you your new home.