Have you ever wanted to have a garden but then realized that you were limited by the space restrictions of having an apartment? Well, we sure have. But then we thought, “Well, why can’t people in apartments have gardens?”

While it might seem like an impossible feat, becoming an “urban garner” really isn’t too terribly hard.  In fact, it really just takes a little bit of imagination. At The Lakes at West Chester Village, your local apartments in West Chester, Ohio, we encourage our residents that have balconies and patios to give their green thumb a try — and while it might be a little hard to do so, we thought we might provide you with some tips and trips that can help you get started. Continue reading to learn more. 

Getting Started: Where Will You Put It?

As we briefly mentioned above, if you have an apartment in West Chester and you are lucky enough to have a patio or balcony, you have the ability to get started gardening. All it takes is a little bit of space-saving creativity and you will be ready to start growing! Below, we have made a short list of a few creative ideas that you can use to have a garden without restricting the use of your balcony or patio:

Railing Planters

One of the best ways to optimize your potential gardening space is to utilize the railing by hanging planters off of it. In doing so, you will still have plenty of space to stage furniture and use your balcony or patio for relaxing. The only thing that we absolutely have to insist on you doing is to somehow secure the basket planter to the railing. While they hang on hooks, it is important that you physically secure them to the railing with zip-ties or rope to ensure that they won’t fall in an extreme weather event. 

Small Custom Planters

There is something about a garden that doesn’t seem complete without a nice wooden planter. Luckily, you can still have a planter in on your apartment patio or balcony. The hard part, however, is finding a planter that is narrow enough to not restrict your movement on the patio. What is the best case scenario? Well, maybe you will stumble upon one at the store or have a woodworking-savvy friend that is up to the challenge!

Terracotta Pots (Or Any Pot You Please, For That Matter)

When it comes to devising a patio or balcony garden plan, it can be easy to overthink the project. You might be thinking of a crazy way that you can integrate a vertical gardening system when in reality, a couple of small terracotta pots on a coffee table might suffice. It really depends on what you are trying to grow, and how much of it you would like to grow. 

Repurpose Something

If you haven’t already noticed, creating a patio or balcony garden is all about thinking outside of the box. One great way to do so is to take an item that was never intended to be a planter and… you guessed it — make it a planter! Whether you decide to turn an old wooden pallet into a vertical growing system or you are planning on turning an old birdbath into a corner herb garden, you would be surprised how well repurposed goods act as planters.

Utilize Your Windowsill 

While our last apartment gardening tip might deviate from the “patio and balcony template,” it is equally as helpful. Window sills are often one of the most underutilized spaces in an apartment. So if you want to start a garden, you should start there. Simply line the windowsill with smaller plants like herbs and watch your garden grow. Is your windowsill too small? Consider placing a small table that is a similar height next to the window and begin cultivating your garden!

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