If you have ever lived with a roommate, whether they were a close friend or not, it is more than likely that at some point there was some tension in the apartment. It is human nature to have issues arise, and sometimes butting heads over something is inevitable. What can be fixed, however, is how you deal with the problems. 

As an apartment complex in West Chester, Ohio, we have seen it all. Sure, we don’t usually know what goes on between your walls, but every once and a while we hear stories of just how bad roommates can clash.

That being said, it might be beneficial for us to discuss a few strategies that can be used to avoid common roommate issues. So continue reading to learn more about 5 common issues and 5 equally as common resolutions to said issues. 

Issue: Cleanliness

Often times, one of the hardest adjustments that people have to make when living with roommates for the first time is living with someone that has a different definition of what is, and is not, clean. Some people like to live in an immaculate space. Others prefer to live in their own filth, one could say. The issue is defining a balance that will satisfy all parties living in the apartment.

Solution: Communication

In reality, communication is a solution that can be used to solve almost any problem or roommate dispute. So why are so many people passive aggressive to each other until the point that their household collapses. Rather than slowly beginning to resent your roommate, consider telling them how you feel. Problem solved!

Issue: Financial Contribution

When you move to an apartment with one or more roommates, your financial responsibilities begin to change. Sure, it is usually pretty straightforward, being that everyone contributes equally to rent and utilities, but what about all the common household goods that you will need?  Items like toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, and other common goods are usually split between roommates — but what if your roommate is not contributing? 

Solutions: Make A Plan

When we say that you have to make a plan, we aren’t talking about anything too crazy. Instead, we are simply saying that it is necessary to make a simple plan and make sure that all parties are aware of the plan. In fact, the plan can be as simple as taking turns buying each item or having one person always buy the items and everyone else sends them money via Venmo, Cash App, or any other payment service. 

Issue: Their Significant Other

Ahh, the age-old problem of the phantom roommate. You know, the one that is always at your house but doesn’t contribute in any way other than taking up valuable couch space. If your roommate has a significant other that is always at your apartment, it is okay to say something about it if it bothers you. After all, you pay just as much money as they do to live there.

Solution: Again, Communicate!

When someone always has their girlfriend or boyfriend around it can get annoying to the rest of the people living in the house. Sure, they have a right to have their significant other over, but if they are over too often, it might be an issue for others. Because of this, it is important to discuss boundaries and ground rules so that nobody ever becomes uncomfortable in their own apartment. 

Issue: Guests

Some people are social in nature — meaning that they always enjoy having other people around. Others, however, like a little bit of privacy from time to time. When it comes to having issues with guests, there are usually two main kinds — the guests that are unexpected and the guests that stay for too long. As the roommate with friends coming over, it is your responsibility to notify others. As the roommate that is bothered by people always being around, it is important to voice your concerns.

Solution: Make A System

The key to dealing with guests is to have a system in place. After communicating with each other, come to an agreement that when people are coming over it will be known long before they show up knocking on the door. For guests that stay too long, consider picking a time in which you both agree it is time for people to leave.

Problem: Accidents

When it comes to living in an apartment, accidents happen. Sometimes a glass of wine spills on the carpet. Sometimes a cabinet is slammed too hard and the door comes off. In reality, these issues are pretty minor, but sometimes accidents can lead to bigger arguments. 

Solution: Fix It And Forget

When it comes to damages, people tend to become unrealistically mad for a short time before they cool off and realize that it is not the end of the world. So to avoid larger issues, forgive each other and fix the damages. Additionally, and especially if you live here in one of our apartments in West Chester, it should also be a part of your plan to notify the front office if the damages are to the physical apartment. 

We Hope Today’s Tips Prove To Be Helpful!

If you live in an apartment complex like ours, here in West Chester, Ohio, we urge you to consider a few of the above solutions if you and your roommates ever experience a rough patch. If you have any other questions, simply contact us to ask

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