It’s finally summer — and you know what that means — it’s officially swimming season! If there is one way to beat the summer heat, here in West Chester, Ohio, it is to spend the day at your local community pool. And if you live at The Lakes at West Chester Village, you have a heated saltwater pool at your disposal.

Sadly, community pools at apartment complexes in West Chester are a dying amenity. All too often, it becomes too expensive for the apartment complex management to maintain the pools as a result of the pools being treated poorly by the residents — a cost that oftentimes drives the management to close the pool indefinitely.  

That being said, here at The Lakes at West Chester Village, we are happy to say that we have not had to consider closing our community pool — and our residents can thank themselves for that. At The Lakes at West Chester, our residents have done an amazing job at practicing proper community pool etiquette, and that has allowed us to open the pool each summer season.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss a few of the most important rules of pool etiquette that we appreciate our residents upholding, here at our apartments in West Chester, Ohio.  

Follow The Pool Rules

One of the most obvious ways that you can practice proper pool etiquette is to follow the rules that have been established by our community management team. While the famous saying “rules are meant to be broken” might seem like a fun and edgy statement, it is more likely to result in communal pool privileges being restricted than it is to make for a fun summer day.

At The Lakes at West Chester Village, our rules are pretty standard, and they can be found on a placard on the inside of the pool area. If you have any questions about our pool rules, we urge you to visit our management office and ask!

Clean Up After Yourself

Quite possibly one of the most obvious rules in regard to proper pool etiquette is to clean up the space that you were using once you are done using it. If you brought food or drinks to the pool, it is expected that you take the trash with you when you leave — after all, the pool deck is a public space and should be treated with respect.

Another thing that you should consider cleaning up when you are done swimming or sunbathing is the chairs or lounge chairs that you, and others in your party, were using. If you unstack 10 chairs for your friends to sit on, make sure that they are neatly stacked again when you are done for the day.

Don’t Give Others The Code

When you live in our apartments in West Chester, our community pool is considered to be an amenity — an added benefit that is only extended to residents of our community, if you will. Because of that, it is important to make sure that people that are not a part of our community do not have the code to the pool area.

Now, we aren’t saying that you can’t bring your non-resident friends to the pool on a hot summer day, we are simply saying that they should not be able to access the pool on a hot summer day without you being present. So keep the codes secret.

Keep It Down

Look, we get it. The sun is out, it is a warm summer day, and the soothing chill of the water is the most refreshing thing that you have ever felt in your life (or at the very least it might feel like it at the time). When you are splashing around in the pool with your friends, things can get a little out of hand and things can get loud.

Now, being loud at the pool is almost unavoidable — after all, you are having fun with the people around you. That being said, if the excess noise becomes loud enough to bother the other residents of your apartments in West Chester, it might be time to dial it down a bit.

Wear Proper Apparel

One of the most important rules in regard to pool etiquette is to adhere to the dress code. While there might not be a strictly defined dress code, it is important to dress in a way that will not make others feel uncomfortable or in a way that is appropriate for all ages.

Sure, you might be looking for an occasion to wear your incredibly tiny bikini or speedo that you might sport on the beaches of Ibiza, but is that really appropriate if there is a horde of young children at the pool? All we are saying is that you should use a bit of discretion.

Ready For A Day At The Pool? Come Visit Our Apartments In West Chester!

If you are looking for a new apartment community in West Chester, Ohio that has amazing communal amenities like an outdoor saltwater pool, we urge you to consider stopping by to take a look at The Lakes at West Chester Village.

It is our goal to give all of our residents access to awesome community amenities, and we believe our pool to be one of the most appreciated amenities that we offer. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a tour of our community today to see our heated pool, various walking paths, playgrounds, fitness center, and more! Oh, and our apartments are pretty great too!

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