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In our previous post, we shared some great tips to get started finding a good roommate. Today, we’ll share a few more ways to find the roommate who will be right for you. Don’t leave things to chance and hope you’ll find someone you can get along with. Be intentional, and use today’s tips to help you in your search. If you’re looking for luxury apartments in Ohio, be sure to check out The Lakes at West Chester to discover the variety of amenities we offer, including a bark park for dogs, a gym, walking trails, and more. Contact us today to view available units and schedule your tour.

Meet up in Person

It would be unwise to agree to a living situation without meeting a potential roommate in person beforehand. While a person can look good on paper, you may find there is a lack of good chemistry when you meet them. Choose a neutral location to meet such as a coffee shop and talk about your expectations for things like rent, chores, and more.

Ask About Their Lifestyle

Previously, we shared the importance of talking about your own lifestyle to attract the right type of roommate. It’s equally important to ask them about their lifestyle. Talk about your general lifestyle and ask them if they consider themselves more introverted or extroverted. Ask about the kind of music they listen to and the volume at which they tend to play music or listen to the television. Ask about their hobbies or leisure activities, which could create potential problems.

Ask About Their Cleaning Habits

Since chores are a common cause for arguments between roommates, it’s important to ask your potential roommate if they consider themself to be a neat person. Be honest about your own cleaning habits. Alternatively, if you’re planning on moving into an apartment, be sure to observe how clean or dirty it is.

Find Out Why They’re Looking for a New Place

It’s important to ask someone who may move in with you why they’re looking for a new place. This question should help you spot potential red flags. There are plenty of good reasons to move but beware of someone who references roommate drama as the reason they’re looking for a new living situation. They may be the reason there was drama to begin with.

Make Sure They Can Cover Costs

Normally, it would be rude to ask someone about their income. When you’re looking for a potential roommate, however, you want to inquire about their income to ensure that it exceeds the rent and bills they will share with you. You don’t want to carry the bulk of the financial responsibilities of your apartment. Make sure to find out if their work is steady or temporary.

Luxury Apartment Living

Finding the right roommate can make a big difference in your ability to relax and your apartment. The Lakes at West Chester offers luxury apartment living the way it was meant to be. Find the right floor plan for your lifestyle, and enjoy spacious, modern living spaces. Contact us today to view available units and schedule a virtual tour.