There are two kinds of people in this world — people who keep their kitchens clean, organized, and immaculate, and people who stuff pots and pans into their cabinet space so precariously that they will almost certainly fall out the next time that someone opens the cabinet door. 

At the Lakes at West Chester Village, your local source of West Chester apartments, we have seen both kinds of people move in and out of our community. While it is your decision whether or not to keep a tidy and organized kitchen or a kitchen that resembles the aftermath of an earthquake, we thought that it might be fit to discuss a few organizational hacks that could be used to organize your kitchen — if you want to, that is. 

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Hang Large Utensils On The Inside Of Cabinet Doors

The key to keeping a clean and organized kitchen is utilizing all of the storage space that you have — even if you currently aren’t using it. The inside of cabinet doors is an under-utilized storage space in almost every kitchen because most cabinet doors simply do not have a place to hang or place items. Luckily, you can add non-damaging sticky hooks to the inside of the cabinet door and make a storage space!

Some of the reasons that we like using sticky hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors to create a nice place to store your large utensils is because 1) they can be moved around easily, and 2) they are non-damaging so you can use them and still get your full deposit back when it is time to move out of your West Chester apartment.

Make Space In A Cabinet For Your Small Appliances

If there is one thing that will leave your kitchen feeling cramped and cluttered, it is having small appliances littering your counter space. Sure, the coffee maker and toaster are must-have countertop items, but your food processor, Instant Pot, blender, and vacuum-sealer have no place on the countertops. 

By picking a single cabinet to dedicate to your favorite small appliances, you and keep your countertops clean and store your appliances in a quickly accessible location. Keeping the appliances in a separate cabinet from your pots and pans ensures that they won’t be damaged in the event of a “cooking utensil avalanche.” 

Get A Spice Rack

Have you ever opened the cabinet that holds all of your spices, only to have to take 30 spice shakers out to find the one spice that you were actually looking for was way in the back? If so, you are not alone. In fact, that is likely the very reason that someone decided to invent a spice rack. Not only does having to take all of your spices out one by one take up way more time than you should have to spend looking for a particular spice, but it also gets your countertop dirty.

Most spice racks are designed to have multiple levels of storage space — almost making them look like a very small set of stairs. In doing so, it displays the spices in tiers so that all of the labels are visible. After “installing” a spice rack, you will be able to find your favorite spices with ease!

Use A Tension Rod Under The Sink 

While most of the tips that we have been discussing in today’s post are aimed towards those who struggle with the whole idea of keeping an organized kitchen, this next tip is perfect for organization aficionados and unorganized people alike. 

A great way to make more efficient use of youe below-sink cabinet, you can pick up a tension rod at any local hardware store — and if you are unsure of what a tension rod is, think of a shower rod that holds itself up by creating tension against the wall. Once you have picked up a tension rod, install it under the sink about four inches from the top of the cabinet. Next, take your spray bottles and hang them on the rod! Now you have an organized storage space with double the storage capabilities. Just be sure to secure the rod tightly so the spray bottles don’t fall. 

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