When it comes to apartment shopping, people tend to perceive apartments with balconies and patios as higher-quality apartments than those that do not have any outdoor space. That being said, even when people have apartment balconies or patios they tend to never use them — aside from using the space as a bike storage corral, that is.  

At the Lakes at West Chester Village, we know a thing or two about apartment life. After all, we do manage and maintain one of the most sought-after West Chester apartment communities. That being said, we have a couple of ideas about how you could better use your patio or balcony. 

Continue reading to learn more about our West Chester apartments, as well as how you can optimize your outdoor living space — whether it be a patio or balcony.

Add A Table And Some Chairs

The number one reason that people don’t use their outdoor living space here at our West Chester apartments is that they don’t have any outdoor furniture. While it might seem like a shame to not use your balcony or patio space, it makes sense that you choose to drink your coffee and read the news at your dining room table instead of sitting on the ground outside. But if you have outdoor furniture like a small table and a couple of chairs, starting your mornings off outside is possible. 

Add Some Greenery

One of our favorite ways to make a patio or balcony more usable is to add some life to it. We are talking about plants, that is. Not only is having to go out and water your plants a good reason to make you use your outdoor space, but you can also grow vegetables and spices to include in your cooking. That said, having greenery on your patio or balcony is a great way to brighten your mood and make your outdoor space more usable. 

Add A Dry Bar

If there is one time that you absolutely must utilize your patio space, it is when you are hosting and have company over. As a host, it is likely that you need a place to make cocktails or store the beer on ice. While some people might think that a cooler stashed on the back patio might suffice, others want a more practical solution. In addition to being more practical, dry bars also present a great opportunity for you to get crafty after finding fun DIY inspiration online. 

Add Some Privacy

Some people who have patios and balconies don’t use them because being on the patio makes them feel exposed. While people might not be watching you, it can be hard for some people to relax on their patio as passersby keep looking up at any given noise or movement. To add some privacy to your patio, consider getting a Shoji screen or foldable barrier that you can put up whenever you are out on your patio. 

Add Some Shade

If there is one thing that keeps people from using their balconies and patios in the heat of summer, it is the lack of shade. Sure, you might have a balcony above yours, but that won’t help when the sun is coming in low at an angle. To remedy this situation and to make your West Chester apartments outdoor space more usable, consider adding a stationary umbrella that allows you to adjust the angle of the umbrella canvas. In doing so, you can cool off your patio by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Add Some Railing Space

One of the best ways to optimize your patio is to add some usable space to your railing. If you are looking for storage space, whether it be a place to hang a plant or a place to hang a basket to hold your phone and sunscreen as you layout and read a book, there are plenty of railing adapters that can be found online. In fact, there are even adapters that can be used to attach a small countertop that you can use for mealtime or as a bar.   

Make Your Patio Or Balcony Space Your Own At Our West Chester Apartments!

We hope that today’s blog gave you some fun ideas as to how you can make your patio or balcony a more usable space. Now all you need is a balcony or patio for yourself! So come on down to the Lakes at West Chester Village today and check out our West Chester apartments for yourself! 

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