Utility meter.

Moving into an apartment with new roommates is always interesting, even if they are friends that you have known for years. While you may know how to interact with one another in just about any situation, there are some conversations that you will have to have that might be uncomfortable — and of course, the situation that we are talking about in particular is the exchange of money for utilities and rent.

Nobody likes to talk about money. That said, it is a necessary interaction that you will have to have every month. So it’s important to learn how to best organize your group payments.

At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we understand that it can be hard to juggle multiple bills between multiple different tenants. Because of that, we thought that it might be helpful to discuss some helpful strategies that you can use to facilitate the process. Continue reading to learn more!

Before You Start: Make Sure All Roommates Are on the Same Page

When you move in with new roommates, it is incredibly important to make sure that everyone is on the same page and agrees on how utilities and rent should be split and paid for. The last thing that you want is to receive your first month’s bills only to realize that one of your roommates doesn’t agree with how you’ve chosen to split bills. To avoid having this happen, sit down with all of your future roommates before you sign the lease to decide how the utilities and rent will be handled. In doing so, you can rest easy knowing that each roommate agrees and is on the same page. Continue reading for some helpful tips on how you can make your monthly rent and utility payments pain-free.

Decide Who Is in Charge of What

One of the most common reasons that roommates have issues with paying their rent and utilities is that they never decided who was responsible for paying what bill and when the bill has to be paid. Luckily, rent is usually due on the first day of the month — making it incredibly difficult to forget. Utilities, however, usually have a billing date that is associated with the start of service — making it a little more complicated to keep track of when bills are due. 

One way to remedy this situation is to choose one roommate to be in charge of each bill. In doing so, you can ensure that one person is not spread too thin as they try to juggle multiple bills. Once you have chosen who will be in charge of paying what bill, you can decide how to reimburse each other. 

How to Split the Costs

So, you’ve determined who is in charge of each bill. Everything is solved, right? 

Well, unless one person is going to pay the entirety of the month’s rent while the other person pays the tiny internet bill, it is important to choose how you will be reimbursing each other. Luckily, reimbursing each other can be made easy by utilizing popular mobile payment services like Venmo, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and more. 

Because the bills are due at different times of the month, communicate with each other when you need reimbursement. In fact, setting one or two days a month aside to repay each other is a great way to ensure no reimbursements are missed.

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