There is a point in everyone’s life where they realize that they need to spruce up their apartment and make it look more adult. It might be when you are frantically cleaning up your apartment right before your new girlfriend or boyfriend comes over, or it could be when you are simply sitting on the couch — regardless of when it happens, it seems to hit you like a brick wall.

We aren’t saying that you should be ashamed of your college mini-fridge that is covered in thousands of brewery stickers, or that you should get rid of the fuzzy unicorn pillow that you have had since you were six years old. Instead, we are simply saying that you should change the general feel of your apartment, we are just suggesting that you put a simple touch of sophistication on it. Luckily, it won’t take as much work as you’d think that it might.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few of our favorite ways to spruce up our apartments for rent in West Chester in the hope that you find a tip you like and do the same!

Frame Your Art

Look, we understand that the tattered Kiss poster that your dad got signed by Gene Simmons in 1979 that is hanging above your couch is an important family heirloom. We understand that there is no way that you would ever get rid of it — in fact, we don’t want you to get rid of it, we just think that you could make it look a little more presentable.

A great way to make a vintage poster look more presentable is to frame it. The frame doesn’t have to be large and extravagant, it just has to be there. Additionally, framing your favorite poster can actually protect it while making it look like a more formidable piece of wall art.

Organize Your Alcohol

In college, it is perfectly acceptable to hide your alcohol in plain sight. In fact, it is almost normal considering college students are known for decorating their cabinet tops with the remains of conquered bottles of liquor. Making an apartment feel more “adult” is as easy as organizing your alcohol in a visually appealing way.

One of the best ways that you can store your alcohol is to pick an empty cabinet and designate it as a liquor cabinet. In fact, the only way that you could make a liquor cabinet more adult is to add a cheap lock to it to keep high school children out. Another great way to organize your alcohol is to buy a bottle rack.

Buy Some Plants

Nothing says “I’m an adult” like having plants in your home — after all, it shows that you are more than capable of taking care of another living thing besides yourself. Plants are also a great asset to your West Chester apartment because having plants around can boost your mood and make you feel better.

All of that being said, it is important that you get a plant that you know you can take care of. If you are super diligent, consider getting a pretty fern. If you are not so diligent, consider getting yourself a plant that can practically take care of itself — a plant like a cactus or succulent.

Strategically Place Books

One of the most adult things possible is to decorate your home with books and other forms of literature. Not only does it look cool, but it also screams “I’m sophisticated.” One of our favorite things about decorating an apartment with books is that not only can it be a conversation driver with guests, but it can also make things more nostalgic for you if you decorate with some of your childhood favorites.

While yes, we know that you probably have a kindle, we urge you to still consider decorating your space with some good ol’ fashioned books!

Buy Yourself Something Nice

While when you were a kid you rewarded yourself by purchasing a gaming console or that new toy that you wanted, being an adult is buying a nice home furnishing. Consider purchasing a new television and surround sound system to make your movie nights more pleasurable. Or, consider purchasing a couch to compliment the living room setting that you already have set up.

Why is this our favorite way to make an apartment seem more adult? Well, not only do you get to make your West Chester apartment reflect your age better, but you also get to buy yourself something nice!

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