If you live in West Chester, Ohio, you probably already have a pretty good idea of how great of a place this is to live — after all, people are always moving here, but how often do you hear about people moving away? Not very often!

As a provider of apartments for rent in West Chester, Ohio, we know firsthand just how great our little community is, and it seems like others are starting to take notice. In fact,  a list released annually by Time’s Money section has been keeping tabs on our community all along. Every year, Time considers a number of variables in partnership with realtor.com to rank 100 communities in the nation with a population greater than 10,000 and a population smaller than 100,000. Needless to say, that is a lot of communities, yet West Chester is quite often included in the 100 communities chosen!

In past years, West Chester has been awarded the previous rankings:

  • In 2005, West Chester was ranked 45th
  • In 2010, West Chester rose to 32nd
  • In 2012, West Chester barely made the cut at 97th
  • In 2014, West Chester rose back down to 30th
  • In 2016, West Chester was ranked 46th
  • Most recently West Chester was placed at 56th
  • What will 2018 hold for West Chester? Good things, we expect.

How Are Communities Judged for This Award?

Well, to put it simply, communities are not judged for the apartments in them, otherwise, our apartments in West Chester would have brought home 1st place for the township. That being said, a number of important factors ranging from the economy, the school districts, the culture, the infrastructure, and housing markets are all considered.

So how did West Chester Township do in these categories?

Economy & Standard of Living – Arguably one of the most important considerations made by Time would arguably be the economy and standard of living experienced in each community — after all, it was published in their “Money” section. Here in West Chester, we ranked quite highly in this category, boasting a median household income of 100,026 dollars annually. Additionally, our local economy looked quite strong with a projected job growth rate of 4.48 percent. And of course, they had to mention that we hold one of two Ikeas in Ohio.

Education – One of the reasons that we see families seeking a new home here in West Chester Township is the amazing schools and education systems in our community. Home to the Lakota School District features six early childhood schools, eight elementary schools, four junior high schools, and three high schools. While that alone might not seem to be a feat, with all schools funneling into our local high schools, our community still sees an impressive 94 percent graduation rate. So essentially, our school district produces future community leaders!

Culture – Now, if you live in West Chester, or even if you’ve been here, you likely aren’t surprised that our local culture has helped us rank in the top 100 for a number of years. In fact, there is never a dull moment here in West Chester. Whether it be cute boutique shops that you have to drag yourself out of, chic restaurants that can boast in both ambiance and taste, or the many free concerts in the summer, it is hard to beat the culture in West Chester.

It Wasn’t Judged, But Our Apartments In West Chester Are Pretty Nice Too

At The Lakes At West Chester Village, we love being a part of the West Chester Township community. Our culture, schools, and economy are stronger than ever — and getting stronger. So don’t be surprised to see us a notch higher on the list in the 2018 rankings.

Here at The Lakes At West Chester Village, we do our best to emulate the qualities of West Chester here in our small community. Featuring walking trails, dog parks, a business center, a heated saltwater pool, a 24-hour tanning salon, and moving rentals, we do our best to offer our residents with MORE things than they will ever need, just as the West Chester community does.

Come to visit our Apartments for rent in West Chester, Ohio today to see what we are talking about.  To view our extensive amenities and floor plans we urge you to visit our website! We look forward to seeing you.