Living in an apartment seems pretty simple, right? After all, isn’t it the same as living in a single-family home?

While yes, living in an apartment is very comparable to living in any other style of home, it has to be recognized that there are some subtle differences. You have less space, you don’t have a yard, you have neighbors on either side of you, as well as above and below you. While apartment life is indeed much different than living in a suburban ranch-style home, it doesn’t mean that it is any less “luxurious” — it simply means that there are a few things that you should do to optimize your experience.

As a community of apartments in West Chester, we have a pretty good idea about what it takes to make the most of apartment life. Join us, the Lakes at West Chester Village, as we discuss the do’s and don’ts of apartment life.

Don’t Be Shy

When it comes to living in a communal setting like an apartment community, it is important that you are outgoing — when you first move in at the least. Unlike living in a house, isolated from your neighbors by your yard, an apartment community is much more dense — meaning that you technically share a wall with up to three neighbors. Because of this, it is important that you meet your neighbors when you first move in.

The primary reason that we urge you to meet the people that live around you is that it can help you a lot down the road. For example, maybe Josh and Jessica in apartment 4B are having a party and it is a little too loud. If you have met them, you might be able to simply send them a text and ask them to quiet down a little — something much more desirable than meeting them for the first time when you knock on their door to ask them to lower the volume.

The second reason that we advise our residents to meet their neighbors is that there is a potential friendship that you could be forgoing if you don’t. Now, we aren’t saying that you have to be friends with your neighbors, we are simply saying that it is a possibility — but you will only know if you go knock on their door.

Do Take Advantage Of Amenities

Now, this tip might not apply to all apartments in West Chester, but as a benchmark, we are going to use our apartments for rent as an example.

Unless your old house had a pool, a gym, a business center, a dog park, a clubhouse, and tons of other amenities, we would be willing to bet that living at the Lakes at West Chester Village is the first time that you have had access to all of these amenities just minutes from your doorstep. That being said, it can also be hard to get in the habit of using all of the amenities that you now have access to.

If you move into a new apartment complex in West Chester and happen to have access to a ton of awesome amenities it would be silly to not use them. So go for a swim after work a couple of times a week, or use the gym when you come home for your lunch break.

Don’t Be A Bad Neighbor

Above we discussed the hypothetical situation where you have to tell your neighbor to quiet down because they’re loud. While that is a less than ideal situation, it would be even worse to realize that you are the loud neighbor.

When you live in a community setting like an apartment complex, it is important to be nice to all of your neighbors — after all, it is likely that you will see them in passing almost every day. In order to make the experience more enjoyable for all parties, it is important to be respectful to other residents.

Do Make It Your Own

There is a common misconception that when you live in an apartment you can’t decorate it to make it your own. This is simply not true. Sure, when you have a house you have a ton of DIY freedom — heck, you could even knock down walls — but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your apartment as you would a home.

Making your space your own is important, after all, you did just sign a lease saying that it will be your permanent residence for the foreseeable future — so you might as well make it more comfortable. There are a ton of ways that you can choose to decorate your apartment in West Chester, and if you have any questions about what kind of decorations and renovations that you can make, simply stop by our office to ask!

Do Live At The Lakes At West Chester Village

Are you looking for a wonderful apartment community to call home? What about one where you can do (and not do) all of the things that we discussed in today’s blog post? If so, we urge you to get in touch with us here at the Lakes at West Chester Village to discuss scheduling a tour of our apartment for rent in West Chester. Contact us today with any additional questions.