As a provider of apartments in West Chester, we understand that it can be difficult to clean your apartment — after all, grime and gunk do build up seemingly overnight. Luckily, there is a solution that can make any of the various apartments in West Chester look like a luxury apartment in West Chester. In today’s blog post, your local provider of apartments and townhomes in the North-Cincinnati suburbs, The Lakes At West Chester, will be discussing a few of our favorite cleaning hacks that can help you better manage the clutter, and dirt, in your apartment.

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Clean Your Tub With A Grapefruit

While it might seem outright silly to clean your bathtub with your favorite breakfast fruit, there is a reason that we are suggesting it — and it is probably something that you haven’t thought about. How do you normally clean your shower or bathtub? You likely sprinkle a little bit of Comet on to a scrubbie and apply it to shower walls and bathtub floor. While we are not trying to discredit Comet, because hey, the stuff works — instead we are trying to point out that if you take a bath, you will essentially be soaking in the residuals of the chemical. A natural remedy that can replace comet is a halved, and lightly salted, Pamplemousse (aka a grapefruit). So what are you waiting for? Clean your West Chester Apartments the natural way!

Tackle Water Spots With A Dryer Sheet

So your parents are in Cincinnati on business and need a place to stay for the week. Being the wonderful child that you are, you happily allow them to. There is only one problem — West Chester rental is completely spotless, except for the water spots on your stainless steel appliances. Water spots can make any West Chester apartment look much dirtier than it really is, so take a dryer sheet to them and buff them out. Your refrigerator, your faucets, and any other stainless steel appliances will be looking brand new in no time and you will avoid embarrassment!

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Thank you for joining us in part one of our apartment cleaning secrets blog post. It is our goal as a provider of luxury apartments in West Chester, Ohio, to provide our tenants with the highest quality of amenities — and we are quite sure that they want to keep them that way. Whether you clean your apartment by yourself, enlist the help of friends, or hire someone else to do it, trust us when we say you will be happier with a clean West Chester rental. Stay tuned to the next installment of our blog to learn a few more of our favorite cleaning tips and tricks!

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