When people begin to shop around for places to move, what is the first thing that they do? They do their research on their potential “landing spots” — because the characteristics of the area you move to are bound to have a huge impact on you and your family.

Located in Butler County, Ohio, The Lakes At West Chester Village understands the inherent need for information people have when researching places to move, and because of that, we are dedicating today’s blog post to give you a profile of Butler County.

Continue reading to learn more about our area’s population, economy, education, and other noteworthy information.


One of the most important considerations that families that are moving must take into account is the population of the place that they intend on moving to — after all, it could dictate how easy it is to get around town, as well as the future opportunities that are present. Butler County boasted a population of 377,537 in 2016 and has since grown at a fairly moderate rate. While our suburban county provides roughly 180,582 jobs to its residents, many commute to nearby Cincinnati — a short 30-minute drive away.

So Butler County is a suburb of Cincinnati, but does that mean it has an aging population? While most people assume that the suburbs are a better fit for older generations, they have become increasingly popular for younger generations — especially those that are considering starting families. In Butler County, the median age in 2016 was actually 36.3 — proving that our county has diverse age range within the population.


As we stated briefly above, 180,582 people work in Butler County — which is good news for the local economy. Some of the more common industries that employ Butler County include, but are not limited to, manufacturing, management, wholesale trade, healthcare, utilities, and technology services. In fact, Butler County boasts such an impressive economy that it employs more people than other Ohio counties of the same size.

But what is the statistic that you really care about as a prospective resident of Butler County? — the median household income. In Butler County, the median household income was $63,273 in 2016. While that may not be immediately impressive, it is higher than the national average, Ohio average, and Cincinnati Metro-area average.


If you are considering moving to Butler County, you have likely already found that our primary schools and high schools are among some of the best in the nation. But what about our secondary school opportunities? Butler County is home to a number of great secondary education opportunities — with the three largest being Miami University-Oxford, Miami University-Hamilton, and Butler Tech-D Russel Lee Career Center.

With a median in-state tuition of $11,758, Butler county boasts high-quality secondary education opportunities at an affordable price — thus attracting younger generations and stimulating the local economy.

What Are You Waiting For? Move To Butler County Today

As a provider of West Chester apartments, we might be a little biased here at the Lakes at West Chester Village, but the statistics also speak for themselves. With a strong community, powerful economy, and high-quality secondary education opportunities, Butler County has solidified itself as one of the most desirable areas near Cincinnati, and even in Ohio as a whole.

If you are looking for apartments for rent in West Chester, or townhomes for rent, we urge you to come and visit us at The Lakes At West Chester Village. If you wish to tour our wonderful Butler County apartment complex, or if you have any questions for us, please contact us today.