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When you’re renting a luxury apartment for the first time, it can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and overwhelming all at the same time. In all the changes you’re facing as you move out on your own, pack your stuff, and get used to a new life and new routines, there are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Continue reading to learn from others’ mistakes and enjoy a smoother transition into your new apartment.

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1. Rent an apartment out of your price range

We get it, it’s easy to get caught up looking at pictures of beautiful apartments and forgetting to check how much they will cost. Unless you have roommates who can split the cost with you, you’ll want to find an apartment that is not only within your price range but will also leave room for you to pay your bills and have money left over for fun activities.

2. Choose bad roommates

Unless your roommate is going to be someone you’ve known your whole life, it is important that you know what their lifestyle is like. If you have opposite views on the best hours to be awake, what a clean apartment looks like, or what good music sounds like, then you could be in for a very rough living arrangement.

3. Move without the essentials

If this is the first time you’ve lived on your own, then you might be surprised just how much stuff you need to live. From cutting boards and can openers to toilet brushes, bath mats, and more, it is very easy to take for granted just how much your parents have provided for you up until now. Try to start shopping as soon as you know you’re planning to move so you can space out your purchases and take advantage of sales as they come along.

4. Forgo renters’ insurance

Just because you are not a homeowner doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance. In fact, there is an insurance plan specifically for renters! This policy will protect all of your belongings in the event of a disaster or serious damage to your living space. The apartment complex has insurance to cover their building, but they are not obligated to cover any damage to your belongings. The good news is that renters’ insurance is very affordable.

5. Forget to put utilities in your name

Unless the utilities are included in your rent, one of the first responsibilities you need to take care of is to put them in your name. Forgetting to do this means that your landlord could easily shut off all electricity to your unit and charge you for any unpaid portion until you correct this error.

6. Overspend on aesthetics

You want to make your new place look like home and feel comfortable, but that is something that will take time. Remind yourself that you can add pieces the longer you live there without destroying your budget.

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