If you have spent some time browsing our website, you have likely learned a thing or two about our apartments for rent in West Chester. You would have seen that we offer a ton of amenities, we are located in one of the best neighborhoods in the country, and the pricing and availability of our apartments. In fact, most websites for apartment communities will show that information.

While the information that you find on an apartment complex’s website is valuable when determining if you wish to live there, there is a ton of information that you won’t find on the website — and some of it is pretty important.

In today’s blog post, our local West Chester apartment and townhome community, The Lakes at West Chester Village, will discuss a few of the important considerations that you should make during your apartment tour — and answering some questions that other  apartment communities might be reluctant to answer.

What Is Included In Rent?

One of the most important things that you can ask when looking at West Chester rentals is “What is included in the rent?” While it might seem like a silly question being that the advertisement for the apartment and third-party apartment websites lists the monthly price of rent, but sometimes that number might not fully represent the expenses.

When most people shop for apartments, they do so by price — later looking at the apartments in their price range. That being said, if the rent is listed as $500 a month, you really want to make sure it is $500  a month. Some apartments for rent in the area will market their apartments as being rather affordable when in reality it is rather expensive. Tack on a parking pass, utilities, and other hidden fees and you might be shocked by the real price. By simply asking an employee what the monthly costs are you can avoid being surprised in the future.

How And When Rent Is Collected?

Another question that you should ask in regard to your rent is, “When is rent collected, and how would I pay it?” While the method you use to pay rent might not seem like a big deal, knowing ahead of time can certainly be nice. Are you going to have to order a checkbook? Are you going to have to go to the leasing office across town? Or are you going to be able to pay from your computer or phone?

Additionally, it is important to ask when rent is due each month. Is it on the first day of the month? Is it on the day of the month that your lease starts? Knowing when you will have to pay rent can help you to budget your money based on if you are paid monthly or every two weeks.

What Is The Guest Policy?

Some people are actually surprised when we bring up the term “guest policy,” after all, it is not often that you hear of anyone having to get permission or notify their landlord when someone is coming over. Luckily, guest policies are only pertinent when a guest is staying for extended periods of time.

Why is there a guest policy? In theory, a guest policy is simply in place to avoid having more people living in an apartment than there are bedrooms in the apartment.  Lucky for you, the guest policy is also a great way to tell your couch-surfing friend that there is a time limit on their welcomed stay in your home.

Is Renters’ Insurance Required?

After reading the above heading there are two kinds of people. First, there are people that answer, “I already have renters’ insurance,” and then others who are thinking, “Renters’ insurance is a real thing?” Regardless of if you knew of the existence of renters’ insurance prior to this post, it is important to ask the apartment in West Chester that you are touring if it is required for all residents.

Some apartments do require renters’ insurance, and others do not. In our opinion, as an apartment community in West Chester, everyone should have renters’ insurance — regardless of if it is required or not. Because protecting all of your belongings for as little as $10 per month is a no-brainer!

Come Tour Our Apartments In West Chester Today!

Are you in the market for a new apartment in the greater Cincinnati area? Then come visit us at The Lakes at West Chester Village! We would be happy to answer all of the above questions for you on your tour. Before your tour, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with some of our amenities and floor plans. And be sure to contact us today if you have any questions about our apartments for rent in West Chester. We look forward to seeing you soon!