At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we will be the first to admit that sometimes things break in apartments. In some cases it is because items become worn out from years of uses, sometimes it is because you accidently break it, and other times damages happen for what seems like no reason at all. 

What matters more than the fact that something has been damaged in your apartment is that you have an apartment management team that can quickly send a maintenance technician to your apartment to resolve the issue — and at The Lakes at West Chester Village, we do just that. Offering 24-hour maintenance services, you can rest easy knowing that The Lakes at West Chester Village is here to make sure that basic damages and repairs are the least of your concerns. 

That said, when damages do occur in your apartment, it is important that you find them or recognize their presence quickly so that you can get in touch with your apartment maintenance team. Continue reading to learn more about ten of the most common apartment damages. 

Appliances Not Working

One of the most common repairs that are requested by apartment tenants is to have an appliance fixed. Being that there are multiple large appliances in every apartment that tenants use daily, wear and tear can eventually cause an appliance to break. 

Whether your refrigerator has stopped working or the handle on your microwave is broken, a quick call to your West Chester apartment’s front office is all that you have to do to get your appliances fixed. With most appliance repairs taking 1 to 2 hours, the maintenance technician should be able to resolve the issue that you are experiencing quickly — and if they can’t, you might be getting a new appliance!

Water Leaks In The Ceiling Or Near Windows

If you ever look at your ceiling and see something that looks like water damage, be sure to contact your West Chester apartment management team right away. Because apartment buildings are often multiple stories high, with most apartments having units both above and below them, there is a complex system of pipes in every apartment’s ceiling. Should a pipe begin to leak or break entirely, damages can pile up very quickly — meaning that the sooner you can get a maintenance technician called to your apartment, the better.  

Another common place for water damage to occur is under windows. If a window is old or not properly sealed, heavy rains and humidity can cause water to get into the wall, leading to the accumulation of mold and other types of damage. In order to avoid this, be sure to check on the condition of your windows periodically. 

Water Leaks Under Sinks

Water leaks under sinks are quite common. In most cases, a water leak under the sink is caused by an issue with the water line that supplies the cold and hot water to the faucet or an issue with the drain. Luckily, both issues are relatively easy to fix. 

When you discover a leak under your sink, it is important to place a towel where the water is collecting and then to get in touch with your West Chester apartment maintenance staff. If you discover the leak pretty quickly, you should be able to have it fixed before too much water leaks out. 

Leaky Faucets

While a leaky faucet might not be able to cause a large number of damages, it can be incredibly annoying. Leaky faucets are pretty easy to fix — especially when you live in an apartment like our apartments in West Chester, where all you have to do is call maintenance. 

If you aren’t that bothered by the sound of the leaky faucet, you still have plenty of reason to get in touch with maintenance staff. After all, the slow leak of water from you faucet a cost you hundreds of extra dollars a year in utilities each year.

No Hot Water

Depending on the type of apartment that you live in, this repair may or may not be something that you have to worry about. Some apartments have tankless water systems that draw warm water from one source. Others, however, have individual water heaters in each apartment that are used to heat water for the appliances in that apartment alone.  If you apartment has its own water heater, there is a chance that you will have to call maintenance the next time that you lose your warm water. 

Tank water heaters are common in older apartments — and older water heaters can malfunction or break for a number of different reasons. Luckily, many water heater repairs are quick and easy to fix. And who knows, maybe you’ll be getting a new one if they can’t fix it. 

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are one of the most valuable appliances. Rather than having to scoop wet food into the trash, you can simply send it on its way down the drain. That being said, when an elusive fork slips down the drain, it can do quite a bit of damage to a garbage disposal. 

In addition to breaking because something went down the drain that the disposal couldn’t break apart, it is not uncommon for garbage disposals to simply break. After years of use, the electric motor that powers the disposal is likely to stop working. Luckily, garbage disposals are easy to replace and it is more than likely that you West Chester apartments have replaced a few before. 

Running Toilet

If you think the sound of a leaky faucet is annoying, then you’ve clearly never had a running toilet. Caused by faulty internal parts inside of the tank, having a running toilet is both annoying and expensive — as water is constantly running and raising your utility bill. 

If your toilet is running, be sure to contact your apartment maintenance team right away so the issue can be resolved. The longer you wait, the more money that you are essentially pouring down the drain. 

Furnace Repairs

If you walk into your apartment on a chilly day only to realize that it is just as cold in your apartment as it is outside, you might want to get in touch with your apartment management staff to file a maintenance request — and it is important that you do so quickly.

It is not uncommon for furnaces to break down, and sometimes the repairs are as easy as having a single part replaced or by replacing the thermostat itself. So be sure to schedule maintenance right away at the first sign of your apartment being abnormally chilly. 

Electrical Issues

If you think that you have an electrical issue in your apartment, we urge you to contact your building maintenance team right away. Never try to resolve the issue yourself — because if the electricity is turned off, or if you touch the wrong thing, you could severely injure yourself. 

One of the more common electrical issues that are seen in apartment communities is “dead” light switches and outlets — meaning that they don’t seem to operate the light or they don’t seem to be producing electricity. If you find an outlet or light switch that isn’t working, contact your apartment maintenance team right away. 

Pest Damages

While apartment communities contact pest control companies to treat the inside and outside of your apartment before you move in, it is possible for future pest damages to occur. After all, pesticides only work for so long. 

If you notice that there is a pest issue in your apartment, or if your apartment seems to be infested, we urge you to contact your apartment management staff right away before the infestation and damages become worse. 

Experience 24-Hour Maintenance At The Lakes at West Chester Village

At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we understand that damages are not uncommon. We also understand that when something becomes damaged, it needs to be fixed quickly so that you can get your life back on schedule. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency maintenance services. If you ever have any damages in your West Chester apartments, we urge you to contact us right away to schedule a quick and efficient maintenance appointment.

If you are looking for an apartment for rent in West Chester, we urge you to come and visit us Schedule a tour of our apartments today!

We look forward to seeing you soon at our west Chester apartments.

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