For most people, moving to a West Chester Townhome is a big step. Whether you moved from a college apartment or your parent’s basement, you now have a space larger than you are used to. Upon moving in, you will likely notice that it doesn’t feel homey, as the decorations that once worked in your smaller living space are spread thin in your new one. In an effort to help you settle into your new West Chester rental your townhome community, the Lakes At West Chester Village has compiled a list of our favorite decorations and design ideas that you can use to make your new house a home.

Make Your Living Room Entertaining

Your living room is your space to both relax and entertain. Since you will likely spend most of your time at home in your living room relaxing, it is beneficial to spend most of your interior design focus creating a space that is conducive to relaxation, while also being exciting enough to entertain in. Consider purchasing furniture with subtle colors like grey, or off-white, while decorating the walls with artistic and colorful artwork. In doing so you can create a relaxing yet entertaining space.

Make Your Kitchen Minimalist

If you are familiar with the minimalist movement, you might know that it is all about getting rid of as much stuff as possible, only keeping the few things that you truly need. While it might scare you that we said the word “minimalist”, we aren’t saying that you should get rid of that super nice juicer that you never use, but instead we are saying that you should stow it away out of sight. Having a kitchen with minimal countertop clutter and simple decorations can create a chic environment, while also facilitating cleanliness by making crumbs and other contaminants obvious.

Make Your Bedroom Cozy

Whether your bedroom is decorated in a cozy fashion or not, you likely won’t lose sleep over it, but having a cozy bedroom could potentially lead to more, and better, sleep. But how do you decorate a room to be cozy? Thick fuzzy blankets, plush throw pillows, thick comforters and mattress toppers, dim lighting, and of course, blackout shades. By creating a cozy environment in your bedroom, you might be ready for bed earlier, and we really couldn’t blame you.

Make Your Garage Utilitarian

Honestly, having a garage is one of the best things about living in a West Chester rental, because not only can you keep your car toasty in the winter, but you also have an abundance of storage options. By utilizing your garage space for storage, you may be better able to keep your West Chester townhome clutter free. While garages are great storage options, having too much stuff in them can lead to the space becoming almost unusable. The solution? Line the walls of your garage with shelving systems, hooks, and other storage tools to make it so that you can efficiently stack and hang your storage items.

Make It Your Own

While we could talk all day about how we think you should decorate your new townhome in West Chester, at the end of the day you should decorate it in a way that is fitting to your personality — we are simply here to give you some ideas. Additionally, some people think that the best decoration is no decoration at all, and that is perfectly fine as well. If you have any decorating ideas that you think other residents would like, feel free to contact us and let us know so that we can feature them in future blogs!

Apply Today, Decorate Tomorrow

If you are looking for townhomes for rent in West Chester we urge you to schedule a tour with us at the Lakes At West Chester Village today. While you take a look at our West Chester rentals to be sure to visualize how you would design your new home, because trust us, our townhomes have potential.

If you have any questions about our townhomes for rent in West Chester, Oh, we urge you to contact us right away. Additionally, if you are interested in renting a townhome at the Lakes At West Chester Village, it is important to apply today! We look forward to hearing from you.