Living in an apartment is almost a rite of passage. For most people, an apartment is the first living space that they have after moving out of their parent’s house. For others, living in an apartment might be the first time that they live on their own — without roommates. Regardless of the reason that you find yourself living in one of our apartments for rent in West Chester, it is a big deal, and it represents a big step in your newly independent life.

While moving into an apartment is a big step towards independence, there is no symbol more representative of becoming a self-dependent individual other than that of buying one’s first toolbox.

Now that you live in one of our apartments in West Chester, it is important that you begin to build a toolbox of your own — after all, it never hurts to be prepared. Luckily, you can keep it pretty simple. With 24-hour maintenance services, here at The Lakes at West Chester Village, you will never have to make a major repair — in fact, your first toolbox should really only be for minor repairs to items like your furniture and other broken belongings.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing the 10 essential tools that every new toolbox should have, as well as some of the basic tasks where each tool might come in handy.

Graphic showing tools


No toolbox is complete without a hammer. Hammers should be chosen to specifically fit the hand of the intended user. In doing so, you can ensure that each hammer strike is more controlled — meaning you might not miss the nail and put a hole in the wall. Ideally, when shopping for a hammer, you should also look for one that has a claw so that you can remove nails as well.

During your time in our West Chester rentals, there will likely not be much of a need for you to use your new hammer. That being said, hammers are a great asset when you are hanging up pictures, or re-attaching the leg on your sofa.


Another staple that every toolbox should have is a screwdriver set. Screwdriver sets usually include two screwdrivers — a Phillips-head and flathead. Most screws are designed to be compatible with one or the other, but in specialized equipment, you might need a set with screwdrivers of varying sizes.

Screwdrivers can be used for a number of projects. Whether you find yourself using the Phillips-head to assemble a 300-piece IKEA dresser to using a flathead to pop the top off of a paint canister, we are sure that at some point a screwdriver set will prove to be beneficial.


The third tool that we think deserves a spot in your first toolbox is pliers. While pliers might not have quite as many functional uses as hammers and screwdrivers, there are still plenty of situations where a set of pliers might be your saving grace.

Pliers are meant to grab objects in small spaces and bend objects like metals and wires. Pliers can prove to be very valuable if metals are mistakenly bent and need to be returned to their previous form. That being said, you might get more use out of your pliers when you are crafting than you will fixing items in your West Chester apartment.

Tape Measure

If there is one tool that almost everyone owns — even before they have their first toolbox — it’s a tape measure. Tape measures, while having a rather obvious function, are incredibly versatile. In fact, they can be used to measure an item to make sure that you order the correct matching parts online, they can be used to make precise cuts on paper or wood, and they can be used to measure items at the store to determine if they would even fit in your West Chester apartment.


While it does not happen often in our area, and more specifically in our apartments for rent in West Chester, but every once and a while a big storm will knock down a powerline and every home and apartment in West Chester will go dark. If that happens, it might benefit you to have a flashlight handy.

Sure, you might have a flashlight on your phone, but after a while, your phone will die — and when it does, a flashlight will be your saving grace.

Utility Multi-Tool

The best way to bolster the versatility of your toolbox is to add a multi-tool utility knife. A multi-tool utility knife is essentially a small toolbox that you can take with you on the go and can help you with a variety of repairs ranging from cutting a piece of paper to fixing your bike.

Duct Tape

Have you ever heard the saying “duct tape fixes everything?” — because we are willing to bet that you have. While duct tape is considered to be one of the most versatile repair tools of all time, it is really better for quick-fix repairs that you intend on fixing even more in the near future.

Duct tape can be useful in a number of different scenarios. Duct tape can be used to cover a rip in a pillow or cushion so the stuffing does not fall out before you can fix it, duct tape can be used to hold back floorboard or trim board while you wait for maintenance, heck — duct tape can even be used to make a replacement wallet.

Wrench Set

If you consider yourself to be the kind of person that likes getting things fixed quickly without having to borrow tools from a friend, we urge you to consider adding a wrench set to your toolbox. Each wrench set typically has eight to 10 different sizes of wrenches — allowing you to tighten and loosen a variety of different bolt and nut sizes.

Wrenches might be the most useful tool for fixing furniture, as a number of different bed frames, tables, and furniture legs all are manufactured using bolts and nuts.

Allen Wrench Set

Much like standard wrenches, Allen wrenches are a very important tool to have in your toolbox. Allen wrench-compatible bolts are becoming extremely common in the furniture industry, and have been commonly used in the technology and bike industries for some time. Allen wrenches come in a number of sizes, but the most common Allen wrench sizes are 5/32-inch and ¼-inch.

A Toolbox

Most people would not consider a toolbox to be a tool, but we simply disagree. But a tool has to have a function right? Well, a toolbox has two functions. First and foremost it acts as a carrier for all of your tools, and second, it gives you a place to put all of those nails and screws that have been floating around in your junk drawer for ages.

At The Lakes At West Chester Village You Can Take Your Time Gathering Tools

When you live in one of our apartments for rent in West Chester you can take your time building your new toolkit, because as long as you live with us you will have 24-hour maintenance service on call to help with all of your repair needs.

Does that sound nice to you? If so, we urge you to come to tour our apartments in West Chester today! Contact us if you have any questions about our amenitiesfloorplanspricing, and availability.