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4 Most Popular Apartment Amenities You Must Have

The Lakes at West Chester Village has everything you need!

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When it comes to apartment amenities, we’ve seen it all. From barbershops and bowling alleys to private spas and more, amenities are one of the deciding factors for many potential renters. But, before you decide to sign a lease on an apartment because it features a giant lawn chess game in the common area, consider what amenities are really most important (the ones you’ll use the most). Extras are nice to have, but the more that are offered, the higher the rent will be. Instead, consider the four most popular amenities you should look for when apartment hunting. 

Looking for an apartment in West Chester? Visit The Lakes at Westchester Village for spacious apartments and the most popular amenities!   

Fitness Center

Millions of people exercise at a gym at least a few days a week. When you consider how much money that equals in gym memberships, it’s easy to see why a fitness center tops the list for most desirable apartment amenities. At The Lakes at West Chester Village, we not only offer a 24-hour fitness center with both cardio and weights, but we also have a 24-hour tanning salon!


Dog Park

Over half of the US population owns a dog, so it only makes sense that pet owners are looking for amenities tailored to their furry friends. At The Lakes At West Chester, we have an onsite dog park, pet clean-up stations throughout the community, and a 5-mile walking trail so your dog can get plenty of exercise!




A pool is another feature that many people wish to have. If you owned a pool of your own, you’d be responsible for paying hundreds if not thousands in annual upkeep. Plus, you’d have to clean it every day. At the Lakes at West Chester, we take care of everything for you. And, since the weather in Ohio can be chilly even in the summer months, our pool is heated to a comfortable temperature. 


Grilling Area

Grills aren’t allowed on apartment patios because of the fire risk. But that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all of your favorite summertime food. Some places, like our West Chester apartments, offer a grilling area where you can invite family and friends to get together to enjoy flame-grilled favorites. 


If you’re in the process of looking for an apartment in West Chester, consider finding one that includes plenty of amenities to make living there feel just like home. To see all of the extras that we have to offer, contact The Lakes at West Chester Village to schedule a tour.


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